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Presence Suite

by Max Puglisi

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I'm less concerned with the nimiety of the words, I hear it all a slur and sort it out at human pace. The courts have all been adjourned and I have heard of our demise: our inevitable fates. And though at first I thought it wise to overprepare, I'm thinking twice, cause what I feel overwhelmingly means more to me than all the Information I could gather; The depths that I could reach, The figures that could add up And the voices that could speak- Sounding without purpose- shall I grasp your every word? No longer will I listen For I've nothing to return I'm looking for a longer presence I'm searching for a deeper heart I'm listening for the textures and the feelings I want to hear emotion and its cause I've been hiding out, been in a guise, I've been indulging- drunk night after night. It could be worse, I must defy. I could give it up and be just like the other guys, clawin at their eyes wishing it were different To lose it all- the sensual, awareness of surrounding lull- the underlying principle of all this trouble it would Render me to rubble. Could put me on my knees, Begging for some difference, some light I'd never see. So I'm participating wholly- Absorbing, plying life. Reeling in the experience and Stringing up what's mine. I'm looking for a longer presence I'm searching for a deeper heart I'm listening for the textures and the feelings I want to hear emotion and its cause Knowing there's a longer presence Diving into deeper hearts Basking in the textures and the feelings Know of emotion and its cause {Presence} Please leave me a letter, I don't want no talk today. Write me a note, don't send me no quote of what another had to say. I want to see your longhand, baby, or even a scribble-script post-it. Let it come from within you, my friend, and make it read just like you spoke it. Sing me your praises while your throat's the ink on the page. Play me your woes with the pen you hold and don't pull back any rage. I want to read about your purpose in ink, want to see it come alive in your handwriting, let its curvature decide how you break free of the type of the digital existence that you give way to divide your- Purpose, Keep you on the screen. It's flattening your texture Pulling you from me, Trivializing your soul, Making sure you don't speak. Please leave me a letter, Take your time, tell me better. Let me read your soul and all its splendor, the depths that you'd reach, richness you'll render. Sing me your sorrows while your throat's the ink on the page Play me your pride with the graphite you borrow, write it down, don't erase. Prove to me with your penmanship that you've got some depth, you ain't full of shit, and that you might leave a longer presence: Shed some of yourself, Leave some behind for tomorrow to find that speak for what you felt. Transmit all the texture, waveforms, signal received. Along a synapse freight line you'll find soul junction awaiting. They've got the stamp for your passport, none print quite the same. Saying everything about you and how far you'll ride this train. Could be your jammed on information highways, or swimming in the trivial sea, going in circles awaiting your last days, 'stead of defining who you'd be. Absorb the momentary presence. Dig deeper in your heart. Listen for texture, submit feeling. Reciprocate emotion and purpose.


I am proud to be able to present with gratitude to many, the first full culmination of my solo musical experience, training, and preference in a single sonic temporal space- the Presence Suite.

The Presence Suite is a four movement “shortplay” album that is through-composed and sees musical and lyrical themes developed over the course of a ten minute “song".

This piece sonically and lyrically represents a shift in being- a movement from being physically present into becoming abstractly present- a lesson, a purpose, an idea. It is the musical demonstration of what I believe to be the best circumstance for immortalizing one’s self. Submitting yourself and your cognitive and emotional offerings into the psychic environment, leaving record of your life and purpose through what you tangibly create in your physical environment, and when doing so, overflowing with feeling and emotion to truly convey who you are; what you were- resulting in remembrance and positive karmic fingerprint.

I began to communicate this through various compositional elements- some predetermined, others stumbled upon. Overarchingly, I wrote sections of the piece to demonstrate the shift in being through slow dissipation of musical form. The first movement, entitled “Prescience” begins with an energetically syncopated rhythmic structure with clear cut sections, which eventually comes to rest with a 3 minute musical breath that is the second movement, “Presence”. This movement slowly develops into the third, “Penmanship”, and builds some interest in terms of form, though it still remains free and eventually crumbles into a moment of silence. After a ride bell sounds, the piece builds ever so slightly back up, enough to reflect what is left of us after our physically present selves are no longer, and then spirals into nothingness. This is all in attempt to represent that metaphorically, our presence begins as a bombastic, substance filled existence into nothing. Slowly, by way of memory and what one leaves behind, the presence builds into a more slightly more recognizable form- a statement of the soul- and, when forgotten, finishes with a total disintegration from whence it began.

Huge thanks to Steve Brown and the Subcat staff for your guidance, encouragement, and help in this process! This was a truly enlightening and enriching project and I couldn't have realized it without everyone's input.


released October 5, 2017

Max Puglisi: Acoustic, Electric, and Mini Guitar, Drums, Rhodes, Piano, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Djembe, Vocals, Percussion, Loop Operation, Production
Eric Schwartz: Bass Guitar
Jon Kane- Additional Auxiliary Percussion

Featured Guest Artists:
Amanda Rogers: Vocals on "Prescience"
Ethan Bates: Electric Cello on "Presence"
Steve Brown: Vocals, B3 Organ, Theremin, Triangle on all 4 movements


Words and Music written and performed by Max Puglisi
Recorded at Subcat Studios and the Syracuse Masonic Temple Hall
Between February and November 2016
Produced by Steve Brown and Max Puglisi
Engineered by: "Downtown" Steve Brown
Mastered by Patrick MacDougall
Cover Design by Max Puglisi


all rights reserved



Max Puglisi Syracuse, New York

Max Puglisi delivers an edgy new sound grown in the alternative garden. This singer-songwriter crafts works of fusion, framing soulful jazz and classical conventions with his native southern grunge, leading listeners through the mind of a modern alternative bluesman. ... more

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